The Wedding Loft is operated by Wedding Industry Specialist, Erin Doran and her team of wedding experts including her lead Event Director, Trina Yager. Our loft is located in our Nine3One Co-working Facility next door to The Century (event venue) in Modesto, CA. Our team never fails to provide the best service to our brides and grooms and create a stress-free experience while planning your dream wedding. We have a very strong commitment to customer service and coordinating many different aspects that come along with the wedding planning process.


Trina Yager

Trina has been the lead Event Director at The Century for three years. She has flawlessly coordinated a few hundred weddings in her career as an Event Director. Trina is the lead coordinator at Wedding Loft, providing top-notch planning services and vendor referral services for brides in need.


Erin Doran

Erin is a wedding industry expert and has been in the wedding industry since 1999. Since then, she has produced and coordinated thousands of weddings.

Erin is very passionate about business and knows what it takes to build a successful organization. She is a serial entrepreneur, owning multiple businesses in Modesto, California.

She also owns the beautiful wedding and event venue, The Century, a co-working facility, Nine3One, a luxury travel agency, Doran Destinations, and more……stay tuned!